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I have hunted sea ducks every season for the last 6 years with Len. Although there are many guides closer to my home, I prefer to travel and hunt with Len because he consistently offers a fun and productive hunt. He has great knowledge of the habits and flight patterns of the sea ducks and most importantly is committed to gun and ocean/water safety. Based of these experiences and my 40 years of hunting, I strongly recommend him to all.

Dave Chambers

Len Greiner is awesome!! Hardest working guide I have ever seen. You can definitely tell he puts his heart and soul into the operation. Plus, he always kept my party entertain with his singing. The hunt was out of this world and I will be back.

Jay Brown

The gunning is awesome! Plenty of birds. They are up close and personal. Len knows where the ducks are and puts you on them!

Karen White

I have been an avid duck shooter since my father first took me out when I was 5 years old. I am now 50. For the past 5-6 years I have had the pleasure of shooting at least once, if not two or three times a season with Len Greiner. Each and every time has been a really great hunting experience I usually bring along my son Andy and/or some of my close friends who enjoy hunting as well . Each and every one of them always ask afterwards, “When are we going to do this again?” I say the same thing to myself every time too. It is one helluva a lot of fun.

Len has a system and a method of setting up his sea duck rig that you have to see to believe. No one can just start out from scratch and have the set up that Len has developed over years, if not decades of his sea duck hunting experience. His expertise in hunting sea ducks is unparalleled. The only reason some hunting with Len will not shoot their limit of sea ducks is because they are, A) lousy shots, B) really lousy shots or C) all of the above and they run out of ammo.

Len takes his time to scout the birds in advance of every shoot. He knows where the ducks are, where they are feeding and where & when they are flying. His advance duck scouting has taken us on hunts in New England. Len works ahead of time to find where the ducks are. Len will then take you to where the birds are, his rig is set up to travel so be prepared for flexible rendezvous location. I have hunted with no other duck guide from Barnegat Bay, NJ to Westport, Ma to Delta, Colorado to Lake Charles, Louisiana who work as hard for the hunter as Len Greiner does.

My primary hope is that Len saves me at least a couple of days this coming season. In case I didn’t mention it, he is funny as heck and a helluva nice guy to hunt with.

Barry Kowalski

Len is the funniest, craziest and hardest working guide I have ever hunted with. I Couldn't ask for a better man to charter us out on the ocean. With safety being the utmost important thing of the hunt. Len will do everything in his power to put you on birds. He's fun. He's exciting. He's honest and loyal to his customers. He's a no BS kind of guy. Straight shooter. 100% satisfaction. Go no further in looking to shoot Your birds. Cape Cod Sea Ducks is your one stop shop.

Ryan O'Neill

The guys and I had an outstanding time. On the ride home we were already talking about next year and coming back. You hospitality and knowledge of what needed to be done was terrific. We enjoyed everything about the hunt. We also are interested in a fishing trip this summer. I’ll be in touch when the weather gets a little warmer to try to set something up. Again we had a great time and it was due mostly to your ability to put us on the birds and your expertise on how to set up.

Bill Pearson

I come out every year to hunt ducks with Capt. Len Greiner, and these coastal hunts out of a layout boat are exciting and can be even more so when you add the challenge of wind and weather along with the ducks. Len has got the equipment, the expertise and the enthusiasm to provide the top notch kind of hunting experience I’m looking for, and that’s what keeps me coming back. I’ve hunted ducks in lots of places, and these hunts are right up there as some of the most memorable.

James Rodriguez


I would like to thank you again for the memorable sea duck hunts! Having hunted with you for several seasons, I am still impressed with your ability to match the conditions and put me on the birds. Each of my hunts has resulted in a limit of birds under a variety of conditions. We have yet to visit the same area twice and have employed a number of different hunting techniques including shooting from the beach, the layout boat, and pass shooting from the tender. You are prepared for it all.

As you know it was my first chance to hunt from a layout boat and it was thoroughly enjoyable! Watching the birds coming in over the decoys without recognizing what awaited them was classic. There was not a time that birds were not in the air.

Having hunted inland for diving and puddle ducks, I have never experienced flocks of thousands that we’ve found working the mussel beds off New England. They really did darken the skies! The sight of these flocks made the trip worthwhile; the opportunity to hunt truly made it an experience of a lifetime.

I appreciate the effort that you put in to make the hunts successful; it obviously takes a lot of work to be able to consistently provide such high quality hunts. You seem to enjoy it as much as I have. It is a pleasure to hunt with someone who treasures the experience as much as I do.

As a result of my trips with Len, I have taken eiders, scoters, long-tail, and bufflehead. I have several mounted and displayed to allow me to frequently relive my time on the water with you. I look forward to returning and our next hunt.

James Smith

Capt. Len is lights out! Safety is number 1. He will put you on the birds! If you’re looking for a Sea Duck Hunt look no further, you will not be disappointed!

Jake Ferguson

Len is the hardest working guide you will ever hunt with!

Terry Rose

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